A huge number of packages are being shipped and delivered on a regular day to day basis in the present. An increased number of delivery packages also oftentimes result to an increase in the likelihood of losing one’s packages in the process. Here are a few simple steps you can do to keep your packages safe during transport and delivery.

Problems often arise when packages are left in the client’s doorsteps. Some local delivery services in Singapore in the present often advises their customers to pick their items up at their local post office. This in turn helps avoid strangers from picking your items up with your knowledge. Another good option is to have your items straight delivered to your workplace. Customers are able to take their mind off with the status of their delivery since they will be able to get them at work. Customers can also choose to redirect their package to a neighbour or close relative and here at Kea Express, we allow such options to our customers. Of course, it is best to ask your friends first if they would be willing to hold onto your delivery for you. Once everything is settled, our team will then process your delivery providing an estimated time of arrival.

Cheap courier service found in Singapore that is available today makes this particular type of service accessible to a huge number of individuals resulting to an increase of order and deliveries. We understand that we are the one tasked to deliver our customers’ orders, making sure these items are kept safe throughout the entire course of the delivery. However, once they arrive from its designated location, we are free from this obligation which is why, we always advise our clients to take extra measures and the necessary actions to ensure their items are safe before, during and after its delivery.